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My Whole30 Committment

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My Whole30 Journey

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I thought I would post about half way through to check in with you guys! I'm currently on my 2nd week of a 30 day MAJOR food renovation. Whole30 is a program that has been around for the past few years, but it is all about eating whole foods for 30 days, a complete and total body detox. 

The biggest thing about this program is not just detoxing, but breaking bad habits and associations with foods.


So for 30 days here are the NOs:
- NO Alcohol
- NO Sugar 
- NO Gluten/ Grains
- NO Beans/legumes
- NO Corn
- NO Soy
- NO Preservatives or added Sulfites
- NO Dairy
- NO Snacking
- NO making things with approved ingredients to replicate stuff like desserts, pancakes, waffles or other items where the base is a grain/sugar
- NO pretending to have sugar or adding sweeteners like agave, maple syrup or dates to sweeten things


What food is a YES:
- Meat!
- Eggs
- Bacon
- So much Bacon
- Veggies
- Fruit
- Almond and Nuts
- Coconut
- Coffee
- Whole30 Approved Condiments such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, ranch, and other dressings
- Since I'm breastfeeding technically I can snack as long as I follow the program and I am not trying to pretend to snack on sugar


Why the hell did I decide to do this?

Commitment. I am already no dairy, due to a food allergy, and I had heard about this program through a few people and through people via social media. I have gotten really bad about cooking and being lazy, and decided I wanted to re-commit myself to cooking and planning ahead. 

I also have been dealing with some major skin issues and along with holding onto some postpartum weight (I will say I will probably hang on to an extra 10 pounds because of breastfeeding, my body just doesn't get rid of the extra weight until I am finished nursing). I've been toying with the idea of giving up sugar and gluten (My mom is Celiac, so it is probably only a matter of time until I am diagnosed since it is hereditary.)

After going to the Napa Valley area on vacation and drinking only wine for 4 days straight, I decided to commit to doing Whole30. I am not necessarily doing it for the weight loss. They actually encourage you not to weigh yourself or take measurements during the 30 days. But, I wouldn't mind being down a few pounds...... 

What has held me accountable for the first two weeks?

Telling everyone I'm on Whole30. Just like in my podcast episode where I talk about habits, this is VERY important. I need the people around me to know I am participating in Whole30, so things will be different. No Jimmy Johns every Tuesdays, no nightly wine with dinner, no "I didn't make dinner, can you grab Chik-fil-a". 

SO MUCH PLANNING AHEAD. I plan out every single meal for every single day. I plan when I need to go grocery shopping. *Usually Sunday is my planning day for the week.* At least one night per week I make and extra meal, whether that is going to be my breakfast for the week, or my lunch OR this meal is now an extra meal I have if I do not have time to cook later. 

It's a huge pain in the ass to cook 3 to 4 meals from scratch per day, but it has truly made a difference within the first two weeks.

Also, one thing I've learned my my allergy is focusing on what you CAN eat, rather than what you can't makes all the difference. Why stand in front of the bread aisle, when you can stand in the massive sections of veggies and maybe eat something new!  

What have I noticed so far?

I am eating A LOT of food. The goal with Whole30 is to eat 3 to 4 meals per day. Each meal having the ability to hold you over until the next meal. Since I frequently exercise and am currently breastfeeding, I am allowed to snack as long as I follow the recommendations for snacking (usually having a protein and type of fat). 

I am not bloated or gassy. Some of my skin issues have gone away - some are still holding on (I have terrible skin in general.)

The program lays out exactly how you will feel day to day. I am about to hit the high energy phase and I am super excited to be passed all the detoxing headaches, bloating, and tiredness. I noticed days during HIIT training or weight training, I would burn out a lot faster than I used to. I also noticed on my up days that I got so much accomplished. 

I am realizing drinking coffee black isn't that big of a deal. I can actually still have drip coffee from Starbucks (btw did you know drip coffee is only 5 calories vs the 190 from a latte - seriously WTF). But honestly realizing how much stuff has sugar in it. When looking at a can of organic tomatoes vs regular tomatoes, I've ALWAYS grabbed organic. I've learned to actually look at the label and see maybe that organic brand has sugar. Even some brands of unsweetened almond milk STILL has sugar.

It has been SUPER eye opening to read every freaking label. Normally, yes I do this with my son and I's food allergy but not to this extent. 

Can you mess up?

Yes, and no.... It all depends on you and your journey. In the book they state if you intentionally ingest something you aren't supposed to you should completely restart the program. Have I messed up? Yes, am I going to start over - NO! We went out to a local Mexican restaurant here and I didn't drink a margarita, I didn't eat any chips, beans, tortillas or anything. I ordered what I thought was ceviche and ended up being more or less a shrimp cocktail. Some cocktail sauce has sugar, since the base is normally ketchup.

I wasn't going to send it back because of sugar. Once again I have a food allergy, and sending food back all willy nilly creates problems for people with actual food allergies, because then they aren't taken seriously. So I ate the cocktail sauce. It wasn't really that much and I'm more proud of myself for all the other stuff I didn't eat to be honest. 

What now?

Maintenance, remaining committed to preparing and planning to meals, continuing to read all of the labels. Continuing my Whole30 journey - even through a vacation to Florida. I CAN DO IT! 


Want to know more about Whole30?

Check out these resources.....
-The Whole30 Guide Book, all the info you need along with recipes. (Here
- An additional Whole30 Cookbook (here)
- It Starts with Food, the science and the "Why's" of the program (here)
- Food Freedom Forever, how to eat what you want and reset your thought process about food and dieting (here)

Whole30 Instagram, full of bloggers and great recipes!
You can always look on Pinterest, I caution this, because as the book mentions - even though you are using approved ingredients doesn't mean you can still make pancakes and desserts. They call this "Sex with your pants on". 

Click here to join my Whole30 Facebook group, it is open to anyone, even if you only want to encourage and support others.


Click here for all my Whole30 recipes so far. 

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