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The London Playroom Update

It's been literally almost one month since my last post and life has gotten insanely busy. I've been working on updating our playroom painting the little playhouse and getting it all cute! 

The kids LOVE it!


We put this awesome wallpaper in from Rebel Walls (link to exact wallpaper here) and painted the entire room white. Please NO ONE tell Kyle that we painted the playroom the exact color we painted over originally (whoopsies). It ended up making the room feel so much bigger and brighter. We do have a rather large playroom. Plus, I LOVE London and Kyle and Kollin's favorite movie is 101 Dalmations so it was perfect!

I've been wanting to add some sort of playhouse feature to our playroom, I couldn't decide if I should build a fort or what, so I found this inspiration on Pinterest. I decided doing an indoor playhouse would be the easiest. I mean, we live in Houston and we have those wasps that like to build mud nests and I didn't want that near the kiddos.

I bought this playhouse on Amazon and went to work painting and decorating it. I think I'll probably add some awnings or drapery. I do wish I would have spent a little more money and bought the bigger playhouse now that I know the size of it and how fast Kollin keeps growing.  

Inspiration Photo:

Playhouse Before:


I found some battery powered string lights at Target and then added a few Decorations. I'm having a hard time finding the right thing to put in the flower pots for now, since Charlotte destroys everything these are really only in there for pictures. 

I need to do some touch up painting but all in all I think it turned out awesome!

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