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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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Master Bedroom Makeover

Our poor master bedroom has been 100 things, but I think I am FINALLY happy with the new layout and accessories.

We also finally upgraded to a king sized bed after BEGGING my husband for a while, and I broke him down and we bought one!

When we first purchased our home, the master bedroom was covered in wallpaper and matching drapes, so we obviously ripped that all out along with replacing the carpet. No one, I mean not a single person could convince me that black carpet was maybe a long shot, but we live and learn. I love the black textured carpet, but I have to vacuum on the daily due to the mega amounts of dog hair. So in the long run...totally not worth the hassle.

We originally had a small couch up against the windows because for some reason I was once again dead set on having couch in the master, but it was time for change. I didn't really like the couch, we never used it and so bye bye couch.

Before our room was a soft yellow color. After seeing a picture on my friend Melanie's Instagram account (Henry Kate Design) of a painted ombré wall for a baby's room. I had to try it, and obviously I had to do the hardest thing possible which was ombré from white to black. I wanted a lot more drama at the bottom of the accent wall.

Also I had to REALLY convince the husband to let me decorate using gold and "rose". And by convince I mean I bought it and put it up so there wasn't much he could say. "Sorry babe, I already did it, isn't the velvet gorgeous." My theory in life is usually just ask for forgiveness later. 

The other major portion of this makeover was having a real life art piece. I originally purchased a canvas for me to create something, but I was stuck. I was super inspired doing the ombré wall, yet everything I came up with seemed to way overpower the look I was going for. 

After going to a local art fair at my favorite coffee shop, I met Matt Manalo! He had a few pieces in the coffee shop I always admired and was recently commissioned to do a new piece, and he had some displayed at the art fair. I found a piece I fell in love with.

I I want to spend the money?!? I would rather have a new pair of shoes or maybe a couple new pairs of jeans. Once again, Kyle said "are you kidding me, I would MUCH rather you spend money on art than another pair of freaking shoes." So now this awesome art piece from an awesome local artist now hangs in my bedroom and I love it. 

Check out below for more pictures and links! 

Bedding: Pottery Barn 
Sconces: Pottery Barn

Pillows: Target
Velvet Pillows: West Elm

Gold Frames: Target (size 16 x 20)

Kyle's Side of the bed
Table: West Elm
Pottery: Target, West Elm & Antiques

My side of the bed:
Table: West Elm

Clear Tray & Vases: West Elm
Flowers: Michaels

All the books that I think I have time to sit down and read. I've been trying to do more audio books, but I feel like if I end up liking the book, I buy the hard copy as well. 

Drapes: West Elm
Dresser: Garage sale find

Pottery: West Elm & Target
Flowers: Michaels
Lavender: Deep Roots Floral

Chair: West Elm
Mirror: Target
Shelf: Ikea

We originally used this table as a bedside table, however we only have the one and I thought it would be perfect as an accent table to store all my camera equipment!

Lamp: Target

I actually hung the mirror too high, but I used anchor and didn't want to move it, so I decided to use this little Ikea shelf to store some pictures we had hanging or displayed. I like that I can do a quick change of photos or flowers. 

Art: Matt Manalo
Lantern: West Elm
Flowers: Michaels

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