Monthly Intention

Monthly Intention
My Whole30 Committment

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Monthly Obsession

Monthly Obsession
December's Monthly Intention


Have you tried..... support?

Picture this ----- walking your baby down the sidewalk in her stroller and up walks a completely random stranger. Their gender/race/background completely irrelevant. They say "AWWWWWWWWWW I remember those days, be sure to cherish every moment." To which I then replied "even between 2:30am to 4:30am when she is screaming because of teeth?!?" and wait for it comes.... ALL. THE. UNWARRANTED. ADVICE.


Hurricane Harvey - A Story of Guilt

Hurricane Harvey
From Someone who had no flooding, no damage, a heart full of guilt and no real story to tell.

Photo by Edoo Photography

There is a little grassy area to the right of Kollin's elementary school that all the moms who walk their children home hang out in before school gets out. On Thursday August 24th, I was standing there waiting to pick up my little guy from his third day of Kindergarten. The chatter began...."NO SCHOOL FRIDAY AND MONDAY"....seriously?!?!? It's sunny outside, a little windier than normal but no big deal. It is so nice out, "what am I going to do now, I have plans?!?!?" Luckily, there was an echo amongst the group of "walker" moms.

Friday came and it was gorgeous, nice and sunny, still a little windy and the temperature had dropped. The rain started, but no big deal.

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