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The Life Saving Method of Baby Wearing

The Life Saving Method of Baby Wearing

Photo by Laura Watson Photography

I was not a baby wearing believer when I had Kollin. I think I was scared or confused or I don't really know. I only wore him probably a handful of times and didn't really think much of it. Honestly, I think it was probably just a hassle because I was pumping so much that I probably didn't want him attached to me. Then Charlotte showed up......

I'm not sure if it is a second kid thing or just me knowing more and having much more confidence this time around but "Baby Wearing" has saved my life and my sanity. First of all, one of my really good friends always says if you are super mad, hold your baby, because you can't be mad when holding a baby....unless it is your baby making you mad. HA! 

I have found that when I wear Charlotte I'm much less anxious and I'm able to do much more! It has freed me to still play with Kollin, cook dinner, or just be on the computer. 

Photo by Laura Watson Photography

As Charlotte has gotten older, I have gone through quite a few different styles and types of baby carriers and I have finally found that the ring sling suits us the best. That isn't however discrediting the rest, I feel like there has definitely been a useable purpose for each style I have bought, and now its basically about color.

I started with using the Baby K'Tan. It's basically a wrap without all the fuss of the fabric. Especially when the babies are smaller this is a great starting point. 

FYI beware of all the annoying people who don't like you baby wearing while making dinner! P!nk just posted a picture of herself doing this and she was hardcore judged and shamed. I say you do you. 

Keeping with the Baby K'tan, just in a different color we made our way through the grocery store the first time. OMG WHY DID I NEVER DO THIS WITH KOLLIN!?!??!!?! I had so much free space in the cart and I had full use of hands, and didn't have to worry about the baby seat falling off the cart ( I never actually did that anyway I was always way too freaked out.)

As Charlotte got older, I got more comfortable doing things with Kollin and she would just fall asleep (at 7 months she still will pass out, THANK BABY JESUS). 

As I got more comfortable I moved onto an actual wrap. There are a ton of different brands out there. The two that I see the most and get recommended the most are the Moby and Solly Wraps. 

I found a brand out of Australia called Chekoh and fell in love with this print and obviously had to have it....because I'm addicted to shopping. The main difference with this wrap is that it is a stretchy material, so it is much thinner and much more breathable. and you wrap it tight to start. It took me a little longer to get used to, but I just LOVE the pattern. 

(Buy it here

The holy grail of wraps I have found that work best for us now are the ring slings. Personally my favorite brand is Wildbird. Based out of the great state of Utah, these slings are soft, manageable and easy to use. The come in MANY different colors and have a few choices on fabrics. Primarily I have stuck with their single layer linen, I will be upgrading to a double layer (hopefully with their Fall 2017 Collection). I have also used their Chambray which is much more stiff to start. 

The ring sling took a lot of practice when we first started but now its super easy on and off, especially since the fabric is broken in and her butt goes in the same spot each time. From festivals to soccer practice - we have become a ring sling pro. 

Bonnet by June & January

I highly recommend baby wearing! It has kept my hands free and my heart full. Plus if Charlotte is having a super fussy day, I can just put her in there and carry on with what I'm doing (most of the time.....). I keep one in the car at all times (because I always forget to grab one before I leave the house). Then the rest I keep on a little hook shelf I got from Target. It is perfect decor and I think Kyle likes it because he can keep track of how many I have purchased so far....or maybe he doesn't like it then, whoopsies......

There's been a few more added to this as you can probably tell......
 Anyone have any other brands that they absolutely LOVE? 

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