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Across the Pond UK Vacation

I thought I would share some pictures I took during our vacation along with where we visited!

Starting off the plane ride....Of course I'm a nursing mom so I pumped several times on the plane right there, in the airport and on the plane ride back! 

Pumping in the Airport charming and quaint. 

First stop was Inverness Scotland! We stayed in the Garden House which is on the ground of Culloden House. 
The Culloden House - Inverness, Scotland
The Garden House - At The Culloden House

The Garden at The Culloden House
The Center of the gardens. 

Our first day there was full of airplane delays so the only thing we did was drink whiskey! We headed to Glen Ord for a whiskey tour and tasting! They don't let you take pictures during the tour, but I was allowed to take these.

We may have purchased two bottles.....

I pumped roughly between 4-6 times per day during the trip and dumped every single ounce. I think I ended up to almost 200 ounces down the drain. 

Our first full day in Inverness was a private tour around the highlands. The first very interesting thing we saw were 3 horned sheep! I can't remember what they are actually called, but we saw one with 4 horns. Our tour guide said it was pretty rare, he might tell everyone that but it was awesome!

4 Horned Sheep
Driving to our first few stops we ran into this beauty, Nairn Viaduct built in the 1800s. 

Our first main stop was at Clava Cairns, the standing stone circle. This was the one that inspired the stone for Outlander. It was insane, the energy there just pulsed in your chest. It was so peaceful and it seemed pure. It is funny to see the stone circles portrayed in movies and shows, used for different things. But there wasn't anyone there when we got there. Our tour guide said the sunlight will line directly up with the entrance to the Cairn. 
In two of the Cairns you could still go into the center, my heart pulsated standing in the middle with no one else in there. SUPER COOL. It was like you could hear and feel everything and nothing all at the same time. 

Clava Cairns is actually 3 sets of stone circles. 

I didn't actually touch the stone. 

The rocks are all stacked with no grout or anything holding them together. A lot of the fences and property boarders had these as well. 

Next stop: Culloden Moor and Culloden Battlefield
The Fraser Stone

The rain was coming for us. 

Loch Ness: We didn't actually go on the water, but this is an actual picture of Nesse :) 

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

Another cairn on the way. I can't remember what this one was called. The road was actually ran straight through part of the circle.

 On our way to Eaglestone in Strathpeffer. 

It is said if this stone falls three times then the city will flood. It has fallen twice and was moved to this location and set in concrete. 
Clootie Well - These are natural wells or springs surrounded by trees. It is said if you dip a piece of cloth in the well or spring and tie your cloth to the tree with a wish, as it disintegrates your wish will come true.  As etherial as that sounds, Kyle and I found this to be super creepy. I don't know if it was because of how it looked, but I felt like something was off. The energy was weird, the feel was odd. 

The well
Lastly, our tour guide took us to a local tartan shop and this is the Cummings wonder Kyle loves Christmas.....

We headed to Edinburgh next. We left by early morning train and decided our first day there should be a hiking day. We set off for Arthur's Seat. From our hotel to the top and back was about 6 miles. 

Below us you can see Hollyrood Palace

At the top. 

On our way back to the hotel we stopped through an old cemetery. Most of the graves dated back to the 1800s. 

Day Two of a private tour of a few castles around Edinburgh, starting with Doune Castle. This castle was featured in Monty Python and Outlander. 

Next: Blackness Castle. It was awesome to see a castle right on the water. It was pretty chilly that day and being against the water and the wind it was harsh. Blackness Castle was used in filming Outlander as well, this was used where Jamie was given his lashings.

I took this photo because I couldn't see over the wall, my head comes to Kyle's shoulder so you can imagine how tall the walls are. 

The castle was used by the British and held Scottish prisoners. It was SUPER creepy. Kyle and I were the only few in the castle for a while and there were many different rooms we didn't even go in due to it being super weird. At one point we were in a dining room and a bird wouldn't let us pass. I totally believe in ghosts and I say this is DEFINITELY haunted. I swear I saw movement in the tower you see pictured below. We only went in the bottom level and I walked straight back out. 

Lastly Hopetoun House, the largest home in Scotland. It isn't an actual castle, but was also used to film the home of The Duke of Sandringham in Outlander and the castle that was used for Lallybroch is also on its property, however you can't go in and only drive by for an additional fee (*eye roll*). 

You could only visit a small portion of the home, and are able to go out on the roof.

Books dated 1806 and 1807

This wall creates a natural fence for the livestock to stay in their spot! 
Spotted the "Kelpies" on our way back. Apparently this lights up at night.....

 Dinner at the famous The Witchery in Edinburgh. This is the second time I had the privilege of dining here. It is said it is haunted by witches that were burned at Castlehill in the 15th and 16th centuries.

 Finally the last leg of our trip off to York for my cousins wedding. We first stopped at the famous "Bettys" for a private and proper high tea! My aunt set this up for us, we visited last time with my cousin and I was SUPER excited to do it again. 

 Off to the wedding.... complete with fascinators and beautiful shawls. This photo was taken at my now cousin's wife Charlotte's parents that was a lot of set up.  

 The wedding started with a beautiful ceremony in the local village church, The Church of England, and was finished with a "Wedding Breakfast" or reception as we call it at the Bride's Parent's House.  The reception ended with some awesome Scottish dances!!!!

This trip was so much fun, I am so thankful we were able to attend my cousin, Josh and Charlotte's Wedding, and we hope to visit him again soon. 

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