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Nursing Friendly Favorites

Nursing friendly clothing is the unicorn of all clothing, let me back up...CUTE nursing friendly clothing. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find, and when you do find a cute shirt or dress its way over priced or sold out.

I feel like I have looked through the entire internet, 100s of sites and there are maybe 5 different places that have stood out. THIS IS A PROBLEM. I know I will only wear the clothing for a year, I'm an over buyer anyway so this isn't even an issue for me. Why, WHY are there no breastfeeding friendly clothing stores?!?!

(Please check out my blog post on nursing friendly athletic wear if you are interested in that here.)

As most of you know I am obviously breastfeeding. If you aren't, you are either reading this post to be a supportive person, which I thank you (also "HI" mom and dad and supportive friend!) or you are yourself looking for this very particular niche clothing and have gotten nowhere. (Option 3: You don't actually like me at all, but you read everything I write anyway - I see you it's cool. I will take the fans.....)

Let's start with nursing undergarments... I think I have purchasing probably 12 nursing bras (once again, I'm an over-buyer, I've told you this, you know this, why were you just shocked at that number!?!?) My favorite two brands are Cake Maternity and The Dairy Fairy.

If you need help with breast pads, I posted my favorites in my nursing athletic post, you can check them out at the above link.

Cake Maternity:

- Mousse Wireless (here) - This is my go to FAVORITE bra. I wear the shit out of it to be honest. I have it in two different colors. The worst part about plunging bras is spillage and this one seems to keep the girls way under control. (No joke, I have one bra that I cannot wear out of the house due to terrible spillage).
-Croissant Smooth (here) - This one is also great for spillage, I will be honest this is what I would call my "back up" bra. I have it in nude and black, it is great for wearing under shirts in which I need a wire and the front is a nice seamless material, the top clip has extra material for great coverage when nursing in public. I do however feel like Madonna in a cone bra when I have on a t-shirt. Maybe that is just me, but it can feel like a little much at times.

The Dairy Fairy:
-Ayala Pumping & Nursing Bra (here) - This bra is one pretty little number, if you want some wire and some lace, this is it. The cups are meh because it is also a pumping bra, so I would not consider it to be a t-shirt bra AT ALL. However, this is great for lounging or for button up shirts, or if you just need a little lace boost!

I have a few others, but those are my favorite for sure, I do not at all like the seamless bras. I think I bought a few of those, maybe when the size of my boobs slim back down they will be better, but I just do not think seamless, wireless bras are meant for big chested ladies. This is 100% my opinion based on me trying them on, so if you disagree then cool.

CLOTHES - Some brands you need to know about
Let me first start by saying my go to item of clothing, besides yoga clothes, are torn up jeans and a button down. However, most of my button downs won't button due to the ginormous-ness that are my boobs. Wrap dresses, off the shoulder tops and baggy tops are all in style, which is helpful with wearing normal clothing as nursing friendly clothing. However, I can only do so many wrap dresses, and my boobs are so not contained in a strapless bra right now, so I have been struggling hard with this, which is why I am sharing it, because if I am struggling someone else has to be.

(I would also like to say, I know this is 100% a first world problem. HOWEVER, there is such a stigma about breastfeeding, and breastfeeding in public that in order for most moms to feel comfortable and for society not to shun them or for the mom to feel overly exposed, nursing friendly clothes can be extremely important.)

-V Neck Love T-shirt (here) I think there is a new version out for this shirt, Lululemon can't ever seem to stick with something good, they are constantly changing designs up. The Vnecks I purchased earlier this year were great, I'm not sure about the new ones. They are a super deep "v", so you can just pull the V over to the side and you don't ever have to worry about stretching out your shirt!

OMG this is my favorite clothing store! Madewell is the best, if you don't know about Madewell you are missing out on life. My favorite thing right now from them are their oversized button down t-shirts. You cannot go wrong! (Check them out here) Seriously they are the best. I can actually button the front of my shirt, wear any of my bras listed above, and feel totally comfortable nursing in public. Plus the shirts are on trend so I actually get to feel great about what I have on.

Moolk Shop:
The Aussies I feel like have their nursing gear down! You can shop this awesome brand (here). Super cute clothes, super reasonable pricing (except the $25 shipping to US). Gimme that jumpsuit like for realz. Their clothes look normal, they don't look like nursing clothes which is totally awesome.

Boob Design:
This is an actual nursing line of clothing. I've posted about these on my Instagram and Facebook page. I have purchased many different items from them including my favorite sports bra! I have sized up in all apparel items. Boob Design is a little on the pricier side, but you can purchase items on Amazon or on their website (here). I love Boob Design, but their clothes LOOK like nursing clothes, which is great for discreet public nursing, not so great for my stylish closet.

Loyal Hana:
Now we are talking pricey. Loyal Hana can be found online (here) or at Nordstrom. Super cute clothing that you can wear during pregnancy or while you are nursing. They all have a hidden vertical zipper for SUPER easy use. If you are going to spurge I would do it here, but maybe buy something for a special occasion OR if you are required to wear nice clothing for work splurge on basic pieces so you know you will wear them.

The last few brands are shops I found via Instagram...they all have similar but different clothing
Piper and Scoot:
It's on trend to wear wrap dresses now, I'm not a huge wrap dress fan though. However they have an entire section of their website dedicated to the nursing moms! You can check them out on Instagram or (here). Once again, it is actually clothes that look like clothes and not lame nursing wear.

Roolee Boutique:
This brand is I think 4 sisters (I saw something about this on their Instagram stories, one just had a baby and one is pregnant), it seems like they really try and make their clothes accessible to all, which is TOTALLY awesome, AND their clothes are drool worthy. They just released an entire section for nursing and postpartum moms as well, you can check that out (here).

Those are a few of my favorite shops! If you know of any other places I missed leave them in the comments section below. I feel like I have found some seriously awesome things and think this is a great space to share that.

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