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Favs - Nursing Workout Wear

Let's get real. I am an over buyer and I know it. I feel like I need something for whatever I am doing, so since I am nursing and "working out" I needed workout wear with ease of nursing in mind.

I'm going to be totally honest and say working out hasn't been a huge priority for me, and trust me I am still unhappy with how I look and I have some pounds to lose or at least muscles to tone. Having two kids is hard, and even having one baby is tough. It is tough to feed/pump, maintain the house, get the other kid ready and oh yeah I need to workout, but I'm exhausted. But seriously, who works out at home on the regular... I need accountability. I need to go somewhere, so it usually just doesn't happen. 

I had a super fit pregnancy, I only gain about 25 pounds, and I have about 10 pounds left to lose. It is hard! I'm hungry ALL THE TIME, and realistically I will probably hold onto that weight until I am done breastfeeding, because that is how I was with Kollin. Now that Charlotte is about 4 months old, I have started doing more of a workout routine, I'm trying for at least 30 minutes per day and incorporating weights. After saying all that, I will say this....I don't actually have a scale, that's just what the scale at the my dr. office said the other day. I use my clothes and just how I look to judge my own body, if my pants are too tight, I need to drop weight. If my belly is to pudgy in my top its time to cut back, and so on.... I don't REALLY need to lose 10 pounds, I need to tighten up and I will be happy, because I never know what the numbers are anyway. 

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with "I hate my post baby body" because my friends hear it enough, so I thought I would get real about active wear and what has worked for me post baby and nursing! 

So, let's start with nursing bras. I have SCOURED the internet and have found TWO, yes only TWO that I like. And before we talk about bras I should mention the dreaded breast pad situation. OMG  I HATE disposable breast pads, they make me itchy and they are so uncomfortable, so I use reusable breast pads found on Amazon (here). I find these to be much more comfortable. However, shoving these into a sports bra is a pain, and they are noticeable. I mean there is so much shame about having your boobs leak it is ridiculous, luckily if you sweat a lot, you can just blame it on that. Otherwise grow some balls and tell whomever is shaming you to STFU, and rub your shirt on them :) Anyway I found these awesome heart shaped thin pads at Target that work great! They are super soft and discreet (here).

Back to bras...the BEST bra I have found for multi use is by Boob Design. The "Fast Food" Bra is comfortable, supportive and thick in the front. I have found that most nursing bras are all that seamless material, which is so not suited for nursing pads or support. But seriously, what is up with that?!?!? I have decided Thinx needs to make a nursing bra, just sayin'. 

You can buy it through Boob Design (here) or on Amazon (here).

Another awesome bra I have found is actually through a New Zealand clothing company, I'm not sure what it is about the Australia/New Zealand area, but they have A TON of maternity clothing shops AND they have specific clothing shops that are just for nursing moms, so HELLO AUSTRALIA and Thank You! If you are willing to spend some extra shipping cash then Cadenshae is awesome.  Their "Ultimate Bra" is awesome if you are doing high intensity cardio with a lot of bouncing if you know what I mean...I can't do anything about your bladder situation though, try a poise. If you decide to purchase from them buy a few things because shipping is $25 to US. Also remember that it is not in US currency so everything is actually quite a bit cheaper than you think, and the sizing is different. I'm a standard Medium size 6/8, so I would either be a 10 or 12 depending on what I was purchasing. (Since my boobs are currently ginormous, I bought a 12.)

You can buy the bra here

While you are there check out their hoodies and tops. I purchased a hoodie and I will be purchasing a few more tops as well. They are awesome for discreet nursing and you don't have to deal with taking it all off, which is super helpful.

I purchased this super cute hoodie and you can buy it here. As well as a muscle tee that I purchased, here.  

As far as tops go anything that I can just pull to the side has worked. I found a few places that made specific nursing workout tops however I can't do a built in bra for fitness, and if there is one in the shirt I normally double bra and UGHHHHH. So muscle tees or these awesome Lululemon tanks (here). I grab a size up so they are loose fit and won't stretch out during a nursing session. Cadenshae has a few tops that are super cute that they sell, however I am super specific when it comes to workout tops so I just stick with what I know.

For over shirts check out once again Cadenshae, otherwise Lululemon has some awesome vneck tees that I basically LIVE IN. (here)

Lastly buy some high waisted athletic pants, my favorite are from Lululemon as well (here). They hide that lower belly bulge and are SUPER soft, no seriously you don't understand how soft they are. Plus, they aren't see through THANK GOD. 

Like I said before, I am an over buyer and especially with nursing I have gotten really sick of fidgety clothes, I need things to be easy and my boobs to be accessible, seriously! I plan to nurse for a year and if I wear them for a year it is worth the investment, because I have shoes in my closet that were $$$ and I've worn them maybe twice. So I say, buy the nursing clothes if you find cute ones, because you WILL wear them. 

Post your favorite nursing workout wear below, or if you have any other suggestions!

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