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A Spring Update

We cleaned our house this weekend, which for some reason feels like the most incredible thing ever. I think this is seriously the first time it has been this clean since Charlie girl joined our family. 

Spring is a great time to bring in fresh flowers. We are currently working with a landscaper to develop a fresh cut flower bed in our backyard, because I'm OBSESSED with having fresh flowers in our house at all times. They smell great and even if the counter is full of crap, the fresh flowers just always makes me feel good. 

All of the flowers here are from Whole Foods, they have a GREAT selection of flowers. I even found some cherry blossom stems (flowers on a stick, is what I called them because Mom Brain), which are not pictured because they haven't opened up yet, but look for them on my Instagram or on Facebook

(Picture of the little one by Edoo Photography) Yeah, I made that and the flower arrangement, haha!

We are updating our garden (post coming soon) and we needed a few more things, so off to Lowe's we go! I found these GORGEOUS hydrangeas and had the perfect spot for them. Lowe's has them in about 4 different colors if you are interested.

Baby sleeping sign works and doesn't. That is for another day......

(Planters can be found here and the wreath is from Michaels)

Heading inside, my dining room is normally always updated per the season. I incorporated some magnolia blooms which are SO PRETTY. They are super easy, you can just cut them off the tree and put them in a vase. Little tip, if you are going to do this make sure you only cut them a few hours before the event or cut them the day that you need them. They do not last very long, as you can see some of them are already browning in the pic and that was just after a few hours. 

Table Runner, napkins and tea set are all Anthropologie. Saucers are from Michaels and flatware is West Elm. 

Across the table is our buffet which is a piece I picked up and repainted (link to that here). I used to think it was super old lady like and old school to have fake flowers, but I'm not going to lie, I very much like fake flowers. Yes, you have to dust them and blah blah blah, but its easy to keep the look that you want with some "faux" flowers.  This wall is so very precious because it is our travel wall, all  of the photographs are by me with places my hubby and I have gone. My new favorite place to get prints is Artifact Uprising, but I still love me some Shutterfly! Although our dining room is dark and moody, adding some mixed metal and pastel like flowers, still gives the room the mood that I want as well as makes it "spring like".

(Decor objects from Michaels and brass houses Target, holiday collection.)

Moving into the breakfast area, all the table decor, except flowering tea pot is from Target. 

 (Motorcycles courtesy of the tiny guy.) 

Lastly, a little sneak peak of our bedroom. I just painted it this awesome ombre effect. I will do a full blog post about that later, I am about to buy some new bedroom furniture so this will do for now!  

This is Kyle's side, normally it is full of wine books and magazines! 
  (Gold Mirror and Lamp from Target, nightstand is vintage piece)

Lastly, this is my side, normally full of yoga books, journals, camera lenses and whatever else I feel the need to set down! I moved the little chair and added a few lighter accent pieces and pillows! 
 (Clear Lamp - Target, Chair - West Elm, Small Side Table - Joss & Main, Dresser - Vintage, Baby Montior KEY to SURVIVAL!) 

The best part of spring updates are simple. Extra throw pillows and lighter colored decor is all you need, and that can be super cheap and easy to do. Honestly I have found that Target has started coming out with some seriously cute decor that is inexpensive and versatile. 

Let me know what you like to do for spring or your favorite shops I should check out! 

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