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hello, beauty - Whole Foods Beauty Bag

I would like to start this blog post by saying I'M NOT A BEAUTY EXPERT. I only know what I try, I know my skin, and I can only go off of things that I have tried myself. I don't consider myself a makeup or beauty fanatic (which is weird because I feel like I have a ton of both types of products and not cheap products either). I have been buying the same type of mascara since high school, I have always had troubled skin, and I'm super low maintenance when it comes to a skin care routine....that's a lie - I have NO skin care routine. I try a few things, but I honestly have no habitual skin care routine other than wash my face and sleep. A few years ago I finally stopped sleeping in my make up, I did that FOREVER, and now I can't sleep if there is a single drop on my face.

In middle school and high school I had troubled skin, I was always dealing with breakouts (I was called Pizza Face or Pepperoni Face) I wore a SHIT TON of make up all the time because I was so insecure with my skin. I did a lot of sports and was working in restaurants, plus bad eating habits, and I know are major contributing factors. However, I have a theory that you either have good skin or bad skin...just like you have good hair or bad hair, cavity free teeth or cavity full teeth. Not that I want to put everyone in a box, but it seriously sucks asking someone with beautiful skin "How do you take care of their skin" and they say "oh just coconut oil" that means they are blessed and you aren't. I have tried every appropriate "dermatological" (is this even a word, I doubt it) RX in high school, but nothing ever worked or I had some sort of severe allergic reaction.

So here I am at almost 30, two kids later with wrinkles, breakouts, sun spots and long eyelashes (#blessed). I've used many different products over the years, nothing consistent and I am not going to lie when I say I do have an appointment with the dermatologist coming up, because I need help with a few things that products will only go so far with. Being out in the sun (and tanning all through high school and college and now SUP Yoga) have given me these unique beauty marks called sun spots and I hate them (why did we all tan in tanning beds again?!??!?). However, my skin is SUPER dry normally and my breakouts usually happen around high sweat areas but they mostly call my chin home.

So this is my take on the beauty bag....

I would first like to say before I dive completely in that I had NO IDEA Whole Foods had main stream skin care and beauty products, I honestly thought they were all weird "granola" type brands, my Sister in Law was here over the weekend and went through the bag and said she knew of a few brands and even received some in her Birchbox shipments, so it was cool to realize these are quality high end products! Moving on -

The Piece & Co Bag

Let's start with the ACTUAL bag itself. I can honestly say this is the the first bag I actually like when it comes to free bags. Not only does it match my diaper bag, its not hideous. This company, Piece & Co, provides employment for women in India to create unique artistic pieces, and I love that.

evanhealy - Eye Balm

This smells great and I loved the fact I didn't have to put product on my fingers to apply, because it comes in a stick (kinda like chapstick). It brightened up my eyes, however, it says when applying at night to let dry completely.....but it never actually dried on my face. It left a residue (kinda like Vaseline) I don't know, maybe some people like that, I didn't. Also, it says to put above and below eye... I've stated before and I'll say it again, I'M NOT A BEAUTY does above the eye mean on the lid or above the eyebrow?!?!?!? 'Tis a great mystery. So I put it in both spots just in case.

Trilogy - Oil

I am starting to LOVE facial oils, just because my skin is so dry. I've been playing with different types to see how my skin reacts and this smells GREAT. It also says to only apply 2-3 drops and I feel like I normally just squirt the whole thing on a cotton ball, so I have CLEARLY been using too much product...whoopsies. My Sister In Law was here when I was using these products and she said she highly recommends this bag and even received a few products in her Birchbox shipments.

Whole Foods Market - Hand Cream

LOOOOOOOOOVED this. I think if you need lotion for your hands, this is it. It smelled great and NO GREASE. OMG WHY ARE ALL LOTIONS SO EFFING GREASY. (Got a little carried away, but you feel me?!?!?)

Mineral Fusion - Mascara

Soooooooo............. it took everything in me to talk myself into trying this mascara. I'm a one type of mascara girl, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. The sample that I received was a brown color (which I would never buy in real life). I normally am a black mascara kinda girl, but I really like the natural look that it gave my lashes and they didn't clump or feel stiff after I used it. This would be a great mascara if you wanted to just throw something on to make sure you looked like you had lashes. I have naturally long lashes, but they are blonde, so this is a great way for me to add just a hint of color without looking like I only focused on my lashes for the day.

derma e - Night Cream 

I AM 100% BUYING THIS. I could not believe how soft my skin was in the morning. I didn't even need to put on additional moisturizer, I only did put it on because of the sunscreen. This was thick and amazing cream but not greasy, just pure facial butter suave goodness. But seriously, I will probably put this all over my body.

Pacifica - Lipstick

I am not a lipstick person, I've tried a million times to be a lipstick person. I have never found "the perfect red" or "the perfect nude". I don't even normally wear chapstick. Yes, I do wear it when I am all done up, but I hardly ever reapply. I think I would maybe consider using this if it was clear. It did make my lips feel soft and it wasn't heavy or sticky (sticky is the WORST). I would like to add I'm not a lipstick person because I am very prone to cold sores and if I use someone else's or an old tube it is guaranteed I will get one so I just tend to stay away from lip stuff altogether. (This was also a Birchbox item....I think.....)

Andalou Naturals - Cleansing Milk

Anything with the word "Milk" makes me nervous because I'm allergic, but this doesn't have any actual dairy in it. This was awesome face wash, I felt like it actually cleaned my skin without stripping away any oils, which is great since my face is so dry naturally. I never know what type of facial cleaner to buy and this was a good way to try something new that I wouldn't normally get.

Weleda - Facial Lotion

This is an awesome lightweight lotion, and it smelled like almonds so I was hungry after I put some on my face. My skin has felt smooth and in balance the days that I have used it, and wasn't ever overly oily or dry.

Juice Beauty - Apple Peel

This is another product that I loved and will be purchasing about 1,000 containers of. I put this on, waited the 10 minutes and rinsed my face like 10 times because I was not convinced my face actually felt that smooth. It was AMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGGGGGGG. OMG. LOVE. It smelled great, there was a bit of tingling (which means its working, right?!?!) and was refreshing without drying out my skin even more.

The Peel and the Night Cream used together was like OMG SOFT.

Dr. Hauschka - Toner

Let's talk toner - there are so many types of toner and as someone with constant breakouts there has been some sort of unwritten rule that I am supposed to use toner. I HATE using toner, it always feels sticky or my face is totally wet after I apply and I can't do anything for like 10 minutes after. This was completely different. The toner smelled great, it left my skin soft and there was no left over residue or awkward wetness that I didn't know what to do with. The only downfall with this product is that once again I am no beauty expert...It came with a spray application - do I spray it on a cotton ball, do I spray it on my face, do I spray it in the air and walk into it.... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! So I used the cotton ball method because I was most familiar with that. I have heard other people mention this brand before and I have heard great things, I will be purchasing this product as well. I recently bought some toner from a brand at Target and I was SHOCKED at the difference in ingredients. We have a winner here.

Acure - Red Clay Mask

Masks are always fun, especially if they are a color. This mask didn't ever completely dry like I expected, it stayed wet until rinse. I worry with the color it would stain my white towels so I was sure to rinse my face VERY WELL before towel drying. I did think this left my skin to be a bit brighter but it was a little dry after. I think pairing this with one of the facial lotions would be a good combination!

I think that is everything, Whole Foods will be having these bags, they are only $18 and full of goodies, you can't really beat that price! Go out and try them out.

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