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The Mac Daddy Kitchen Renovation, from Pickled Pear to ContemporaryClean.

We FINALLY got our bar stools in (they were sitting on a vessel in the middle of the ocean for months due to a bankrupted vessel company) so I finally took some pictures and the reveal is here! There is not one single thing that is the same about this kitchen, other than the location in which it is in our house.

We tore down a load bearing wall, changed the placement of the refridgerator, ovens, sink, gas, stovetop. All new appliances, hardware and well EVERYTHING.

Here is a before of the kitchen in all its beauty....

So lets talk process. The construction company tore a hole in the ceiling so an architect and structural engineer could look at framing and such. This alone was expensive JUST to have the engineer come out and look to SEE if we could even tear the wall down. 

We were approved, and the process began...

They constructed three temporary walls to help support the upstairs bedroom above the kitchen. A mini wall in the kitchen, the wall pictured below and another wall that attached to the ceiling. 

There are now three metal "I" beams that hold the wall in place (the maroon colored pieces are those metal beams.)

Once the beam was up and approved, the temporary walls came down. This was SO NERVE WRACKING. 

But...the fun then began......

After the appliances and cabinets were removed, the floor was torn down to the slab and we even tore sections of slab to move water and gas. 

There was a coat closet in the entry way we tore out to make room for an additional 100 bottle wine fridge (which is now embarrassingly full).

The new tile was laid and the construction of cabinets began. 

Oh did I mention we didn't have a laundry room either...yeah this was insanity. 

It took 4 months to complete the project, including an update to our laundry room. Here are the before and after pics...... (Some of my favorite new items are shown at the bottom)

View from Bar area:

View from Breakfast area:

View of Kitchen and Breakfast Area:

View of "Wall":

"The Wall"

Refrigerator Side:

View from the Living Room:

View from above:

Pictures vs. Wine: (we do still have the bar on the right with a second wine cabinet...yeah we have THAT much wine) 

The entryway: 

The switch of appliances: you can see it's a HUGE difference. The best part of starting from scratch is creating something EXACTLY how you want it. Here are some of my favorite things about our new kitchen...

I have always enjoyed having fresh flowers, so much my hubby bought me a "Flower of the Month Club" a while back. Our island is the PERFECT place to display arrangements and bouquets. 
Flowers by: Deep Roots in Sugar Land, TX

My 36 inch massively huge pain in my ass to install stainless steel sink. They actually had to completely redo the under portion of the cabinets to fit in this oversized sink, but it's the most amazing thing ever. The drain is in the middle but its toward the back and there is room on either side to hold a massive pot or pan without covering the drain.

See that little black blob on the counter above? Thats an upright electrical outlet that you can grab when needed. BEST THING EVER. It takes up little counter space and I didn't have to worry about them destroying my countertops on the "waterfall" portion of my island. 

Also attached next to the sink is a built in towel rack. BEST THING EVER. We are towel users at my house and there is alway one on the counter somewhere. This is a great way to have the towels close by, but also keep them hidden. 

The 48 inch, 6 burner and gas grill Wolf stove top. Does it really need any explanation??!?! This is a cook's dream stove top. 

 Our breakfast area is a great way for me to add some extra flowers and get some added light. 

Above oven storage racks...because these are the easiest to keep organized. 

The "baking area"....this spot is now an essential part of my everyday kitchen life. An area just for baking and small appliance usage. As you can see or not really see...the plugs are all hidden underneath the cabinets and the storage below is for all small appliances and baking equipment. 

I chose to do only 3 glass cabinet fronts because I am constantly redecorating and I didn't want to deal with moving and shuffling stuff constantly. I have already reorganized this area 3 times since its been here. Originally I wanted to display all of my baking stuff, but it is now an English tea time area, where I can display all of my cute serving dishes, cups and teapots. 

HUGE and DEEP drawers to keep casserole pans and dutch ovens in. 

My kitchen remodel was not complete without making several trips to The Container Store. I knew I wanted to be organized in the new kitchen and those clear plastic containers are worth every penny to keep organization and sanity for any cook. 

We also completely turned the pantry into custom cabinetry. We added adjustable shelving and drawers so I can reorganize and move things around as needed, which has helped me keep the pantry as organized as possible. No more losing food. 

I'm so happy we finally are finished...on to the next big project!

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