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To the Mom yelling at her kid at Whole Foods...

(Pic from 2014)

We've all seen that Mom at the grocery store....this particular instance happened at Whole Foods. Her kid wanted to be in charge and was pushing one of those little kid carts. The kid seemed tired and was upset and decided he wanted to ride in the cart, well he didn't fit, then he wanted a big cart, but he couldn't push it and so he decided to stick with the regular cart. And throughout that entire long drawn out process the mom was scolding him for being so indecisive and they literally JUST walked into Whole Foods and he was already whining...sound familiar?!?!

This mom was ME!

We LITERALLY took 8 steps from the entrance to the pepper area and my kid decided to abandon the idea of pushing the small cart, which I am fine with but then it was a back and forth battle trying to decide whether riding in the cart or pushing the cart was more important....and of course he is whining and complaining and he started doing this thing where he talks in a super soft voice so I can't hear a freaking thing he is saying...

So we stood in front of the green peppers arguing for about 5 minutes until he decided he was either done fighting with me or he was going to stick with his original idea of pushing the little cart when a lady walked up to me and said "You are doing a great job as a Mom, keep it up."

I'm not sure if she noticed that my eyes filled up with tears or that my throat became tight or my face was flushed, but those words were a direct hit. All I could muster was a "Thank you." Then she kept going.... "You young Moms don't hear that enough, and the way you talked to him was great. Good job. Some days are hard, but trust me I raised three boys and you won't die trying to make your kid become the adult you want him to be. Keep doing what you are doing." She also said he was cute, but that's a given.

After our instant entrance fight, those few words changed me. I always feel like I am the only parent that is yelling at their kid because YOU WANTED THE STUIPD LITTLE CART, YOU DRIVE IT. Or I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING BECAUSE YOU ARE WHINING AND I CAN'T HEAR YOU. PLEASE STOP WHINING AND TALK TO ME ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED. It's weird I have a very "I don't care what you think of me" attitude, but when it comes to being a Mom judgement is all around you, even in the freaking grocery store, it follows Moms around like bad gas when you eat too much gluten or dairy. Like is it okay that I am standing in front of the green peppers arguing with my kid about a shopping cart? Clearly there is a Shopping Cart Parenting Method I know nothing about. But, when that stranger walked up to me and said those few things, it just made me feel like WOW maybe I am doing this the right way, maybe its okay that I am scolding him for not making up his mind and to commit to a decision and to stop whining and being so indecisive.  I know that I talk to my kid like an adult, and sometimes it can be weird, but I feel like how else is my kid going to learn. I don't sugar coat things to my friends why would I do it for my kid.

The rest of our grocery store trip was a totally different trip than from when we walked in. I think kids are amazing at reading people's energies and understanding the feel of at situation, they know when you are stressed, sad or happy. I think Kollin noticed that her comment made me feel different and we ended up having a super fun Whole Foods adventure, complete with Foosball table play.

So THANK YOU lady who talked to me at Whole Foods today. I appreciate you and what you did for me.


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