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The scariest part of Halloween....

Left: Kollin at last year's Halloween Parade, Top: Dwight Schrute from two years ago, Bottom: Kollin's first Halloween 

Parenting in general is scary. That moment you find out you are growing a tiny human inside of you is like instant panic. There is certain stuff you can't do or eat, then you have the baby and you have to make sure they are eating and growing and pooping correctly. It is a never ending worrying game.

Let's add parenting to Halloween. I personally love Halloween, I think its fun to dress up and decorate and celebrate the dead! I mean for real, I like to honor the people that have been in my life and have made a difference and I light a candle every year on Halloween for them - in case you forgot that is the whole point of All Hallow's Eve.

But, now that I have a kid I now get to deal with the dreaded costume finding and holy crap the School Parade. So today, when I walked in with Kollin and he was only wearing a black shirt with a gold skull on it, I was immediately scolded by the owner because he wasn't in a costume and then again when I told her I was not attending the parade.

If you go to your kid's school parade, cool. I don't -  I think it is totally lame, because they make a lap around the school then go back to class and its at 10 o'clock and then my kid gets pissed that I was there and didn't take him home, and that I'm not staying for lunch. No, just no. Also, kids are always dressed up in costumes. Most of my friends that have girls are always wearing some sort of princess dress, why is today any different? Oh that's right, its not. My kid didn't even notice some kids had on costumes, and if he did, he didn't think anything of it. Just a normal day, normal school Friday.

Another scary thing, now parents bring goodie bags full of crap, that's right I said it crap, to give out. Everyone step down off your Pinterest pedestal please. Like you literally gave my kid candy filled peanuts (which they aren't even supposed to have at school since its a "Peanut Free School") and Halloween shaped erasers. WTF is my almost 4 year old supposed to do with an eraser?!?! But also, am I expected to this for these kids. Like are all the parents supposed to exchange Halloween erasers and Target Dollar item gifts, because if so, its going to be like family Xmas where everyone just gets each other a gift card or cash and then there is absolutely no reason we should be wasting money on each other.

I get that I march the beat of my own parenting drummer, but I already have to take my kid to strangers houses and ask for candy that I am not going to even let him eat, why do I seriously have to attend the parade!?!? Never mind the fact that I can't explain why only on today it is okay to ask strangers for candy but not any other day.

So congrats to the parents that went to their kid's school for the Halloween parade. I'm sure you had fun and took a bunch of pics and posted them on Facebook. But, I went to yoga and ate lunch with a good friend and kept to my standard Friday, just like our kids went to school in their regular clothes and thought it was a normal school day, because in all reality my kid thinks it is 8 o'clock on a Tuesday and has no idea what is really going on.

So to me, the scariest part of Halloween is being scolded for not fawning over my child in his Halloween costume and for not attending his parade, even though he has worn his costume it at home every day since we got it. Parenting isn't measured by showing up for a 2 minute Halloween parade or by making the cutest gift bag full of crap, and it is scary that some people really think that.

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