Monthly Intention

Monthly Intention
My Whole30 Committment

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Monthly Obsession

Monthly Obsession
December's Monthly Intention


The new all black er'thang front room.

Oh the front room....this room has given me the biggest headache since we have moved into the house.....originally it was supposed to be an actual office.

We ordered these awesome chairs from a modern leather furniture store here in town and the never came and and I had to scream at the guy to get my money back, so there became a dark omen over the room. This is like the third time I've painted it.

Here is the before before from when we purchased our house.....

OUCH. We pulled up the carpet because I don't know what they did but it was not actually that light of a color, it was GROSS. 

So, we painted and replaced the carpet and it became kind of a catch all room. This is a chaise that I recovered that has been in that room (you can read all about the chair here --> )

We have also always kept my husbands guitars in the front room, along with his record player. 

Then I decided that it should become an office once again and painted a navy accent wall to match the chaise and we bought a tiny desk and some shelving. 

(Photo by Laura Watson Photography) 

Then I was once again sick of it, because that was really the only working chair and it just wasn't flowing right and the use of space just wasn't working...

So I repeated EVERYTHING, except the doors Knight (black) from Jeff Lewis Color, bought a new rug, chair, accent tables and viola. SO MUCH BETTER. 

We also added some trim on the plain large wall to the left of the wall you see when you look into the room. We have trim in our living room so we thought we would match that to give it some consistency. 

Living Room wall visual. 
....and placed furniture and accent pieces. 

Maddie is loving her new spot (that is her favorite chair in the house)

So regal. 

some knickknacks

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