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Monthly Obsession
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The Bathroom and Closet Renovation - Hello Modern!

Oh the bathroom, lets start with that. Lets just say this wasn't really a great selling point when we purchased our home. We KNEW we were going to have to gut it...I mean look at it.

I mean, what a beautiful bathroom right?!! LOL, it had potential and that is what made it great! When we first moved in we replaced all of the flooring in the house and we had some left over carpet from the bedroom so we re-carpeted the bathroom until it was time for the complete renovation. We also took down the wall paper and just painted for the time being. 

OMG the window, I can't even deal with it. 

There it is, in all of its terrible glory. So, we took EVERYTHING out. Down to the studs. We...meaning the contractors, even took out the window. 

We removed the wall between the tub and the shower to help open up the bathroom. 

Construction began, between the bathroom and the closet it took about 8 weeks, it seemed like it moved pretty slow at first because we took out everything and started with scratch and then began again. 

After jackhammering part of the flooring, and re pouring some concrete, the tile FINALLY went in. 

Once the tub finally went in, along with all the plumbing fixtures it finally started to look like a bathroom again. 

All of the cabinets were custom, so everything had to be measured and cut and fit exactly. 

Since the construction guys built the cabinets, I got to add a few cool features like adjustable shelving in areas and this awesome electrical outlet in the drawer!

AND THEN BOOM, lighting is in!

The final touches were added and our bathroom was FINISHED. YEEEESSSSSSSS. 

More modern, up to date, much more sleek and no crap anywhere! Everything has a place.

Now that nothing sits out except for our soap and cologne, Kollin really enjoys helping me decorate! What would a bathroom be like without dinosaurs. 

Onto the closet, an even bigger embarrassment. Not only on the original owners part, but mine as well...everything was cramped and crammed together. I needed more organization and a better drawer system. As you can see I have two before and afters, because its THAT different. 

Lets start with the front wall, I had no shoe or bag space and Kyle and I built the jewelry shelves after my jewelry box fell on top of can check that out here ---->

This was along the back wall.

Right side of the back wall, with Kyle's side. 

Omg, yes, all my workout CRAP. 

My poor shoes. 

Here are a few more photos with all the stuff out! 

The hanging space drove me CRAZY. 

Kyle's side. 

So just like before, bye bye everything. 

Our closet was also custom built, and it took a while. 

Mostly too get everything right with the drawers. I had more accessory drawers put in to help with the chaos. 

and viola....

Finally, clothes in...rug in, and ottoman added, it is now an amazing space with no clutter! 

Kyle's clothes are organized and his side was fitted so that all of our suitcases could fit right along top, and his hanging clothes boxes were made to his height and shirt height. 

My accessories are all in specific places now

I even have sunglass drawers instead of all of them in a bin! YAY. 

 Even my shoes have their own spaces now and aren't all over the top of my closet where I couldn't even reach them. 

Here are some before and afters of the closet. 

Here is Kyle's side before and after. 

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