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Monthly Obsession
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First stop London......

Kyle had a work conference scheduled in London over my birthday, so I obviously had to hop on that plane! Here's a blog post with some of my favorite pics and a quick run down of what we did in London. I am doing different blog posts for different cities, because it is just easier for me to keep track and that means this one won't be ridiculously long!

We headed out on a Thursday evening and arrived in London on a Friday morning. Our plane was the Dreamliner. It was pretty awesome.

No pull down shade, the windows will black out at the touch of a button. 

We arrived at the airport and took "The Tube" also called "The Underground" to our Hotel, which is located in the Paddington area. 

The view from our balcony. 
From there we walked around, did some shopping and just got lost in London. It was awesome! 

One of the entrances in Hyde Park

A British Police Station

Marble Arch

There was trash everywhere.

Also, we went during a heat wave, so there were a lot of people hanging out in the fountains all around the city. 

Also a lot of people like this...just trash everywhere and they are doing their own thing. 
We also stopped at our first pub for an afternoon lunch, ale and cider. 

We headed back to the hotel and then out to dinner....La Petite Maison. The food was INCREDIBLE and expensive. 

Sea Bass Carpaccio with guacamole, mushrooms and caviar. We had no idea this appetizer was going to cost us 40 pounds, which is roughly $60. 

Everywhere we ate made sure to accommodate for my dairy allergy. Here I got a lemon sorbet with vodka. It was SO GOOD.

The next day we did the "touristy" London stuff....hitting Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament Square, Camden Square, and Primrose Hill. We used the tube all day this day. 

Buckingham Palace

There were tourists EVERYWHERE 

Fountain across the Palace

One of the Royal Army buildings

British Parliament Building

Big Ben

Big Ben and Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster with British Flag

We then headed off to Primrose Hill. To get there we stopped at Camden Square, which is kinda like Harwin in Houston, lots of weird outdoorsy tent-like shops. Once we got to Primrose area it was beautiful. We ate at a little Greek cafe called Lemonia. 

Flower shop in Primrose Hill
View from the top

That night we went to The Wolseley. It was amazing, located near a lot of the "posh shopping" this place used to be an old bank that they turned into a restaurant. Once again, they accommodated my dairy allergy. 

Lobster with a "creamy" hollandaise sauce, avocado and lettuce. 
This was probably one of the best meals I have truly ever eaten. Kyle regretfully did not get the special that I did, but thats not to say his sea bass wasn't good, because it was amazing. Mine, a bacon chop with egg, grilled pineapple, red peppercorn and wine gravy was just seriously hard to beat. 

 From there we ventured off to where my cousin lives in York and then I went to Edinburgh while Kyle came back to London to work for a few days. When I got back from the next two cities I sat down to dinner at the new hotel we were at (The Grosvenor) and ate at their highly recommend Cambodian Restaurant....Grand Imperial Restaurant. 

Eating along since Kyle was at work, I shoved my face full of food after walking almost 11 miles the past two consecutive days. 

Duck Dumplings and a Duck Salad ( I also had mushroom soup that is not pictured)

Mushroom and steak. Their place settings and service was very nice!

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