Monthly Intention

Monthly Intention
My Whole30 Committment

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Monthly Obsession

Monthly Obsession
December's Monthly Intention


Erin went to Edinburgh....a Trip all to myself.

I left York via train by myself for the first time every traveling alone. (Okay I took Kollin one time back to Kansas by myself, but thats an hour and change plane ride and my parents picked us up at the airport.) I never traveled abroad in college or studied overseas, and really the only reason I ended up going by myself was because I had a friend talk me into it. My personal mantra after finished yoga teacher training was "Be Fearless" and I have stuck with it, so when my friend reminded me of that I was like Oh, yeah. Seriously why not. I'm going to do I did, and it was AMAZING. It was by far the best time, and my favorite part of our entire trip!

The train from York to Edinburgh was seriously just pure excitement. I could see the countryside change as we got closer and we even followed the coast line up, so it was also incredible just to see that as well. Everything looked just like it did in TV shows and movies. 

Adventures in Yorkshire....and its pudding

We ate our hotel English breakfast then headed off to York via train. It was really cool. I took a total of three train rides throughout my trip and it took some getting used to...not because of motion sickness, but every time we went through a tunnel there was pressure in my ears just like when the cabin door of the airplane closes. 

First stop London......

Kyle had a work conference scheduled in London over my birthday, so I obviously had to hop on that plane! Here's a blog post with some of my favorite pics and a quick run down of what we did in London. I am doing different blog posts for different cities, because it is just easier for me to keep track and that means this one won't be ridiculously long!

We headed out on a Thursday evening and arrived in London on a Friday morning. Our plane was the Dreamliner. It was pretty awesome.

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