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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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DIY Train Bed

It all began here.... in our first house in Sugar Land, Kollin's first room and the beginning stages of his bed.

Then, we moved into our new house and painted his room some seriously fun colors. 

Then...the toddler bed stage..... you can read all about his original room and how we decorated and what I did here -->

Then, he got HUGE! and grew out of his bed and we began the transition into a new big bed. We just had him sleep on a mattress on the floor for a while to help with the transition and falling out of bed...which has happened frequently.  

He is OBSESSED with trains and so I thought it would be awesome to then change his bed into a train bed. We aren't going to reuse his bed for anyone else later because he chewed through most of his bed like a freakin beaver during major teething most of it is ruined, but nothing a little sanding and painting couldn't fix on some parts. The original sides are not salvageable. 

I found this AMAZING Pottery Barn Boys bed...for $1999. Like are you kidding me, my kid DESTROYED his crib. There is no way in hell I was buying him a nice bed.  But, thankfully it served as great inspiration for the new bed. 

I painted the headboard and foot board the same color scheme as the BNSF railroad trains, and my brother cut out circles for me for the wheels and the front. 

Then, like all trains I had to add some seriously awesome graffiti, complete with Kollin's initials. KAC

I put the bed together and VIOLA. I attached the wheels with bolts on the sides of the frame and the circle on the front as well. 

I think it turned out pretty cute and I added a little play train rail so he can easily grab his trains to play with on his train table and so maybe they don't end up in his bed. 

All in all the kid is in love! Hopefully this bed will be around for a little while. 

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