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Monthly Obsession
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Lightroom Class - Week 3

I am seriously loving Nicole's Classes ( In my Lightroom 101 class this week we learned how to use the more advanced adjustment tools to help fine tune our photos. I'm loving Lightroom, I'm so glad I purchased it, it is such a great program for categorizing photos and editing them, definitely a great purchase even for beginning photographers like myself.

Kollin and I did a photoshoot in Texas bluebonnets and wild flowers, because I have some pictures from when I was his age in them as well. I decided not to put him directly in the flowers due to rattlesnakes hiding in the wildflowers here...that was a risk I was just not willing to take, but I think the pictures turned out just as great!) Here are the photos I submitted for my homework....

It was super dark and cloudy the day we took pictures so I brightened up the photos. Each of them used a specific adjustment filter tool. The first two pictures are my favorite!!
I used a graduated filter in this photo as well to help showcase where the light was coming from
Same with this one

I used the adjustment brush to help brighten Kollin's face in this photo

I used a radial filter with this photo to showcase Kollin and darken the background

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