Monthly Intention

Monthly Intention
My Whole30 Committment

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Monthly Obsession

Monthly Obsession
December's Monthly Intention


A Whole Roasted Chicken - Can do a Whole Lot

I refuse to purchase just chicken breasts, BUT I'm not even lying when I say my favorite thing to do is roast an entire chicken. I just think its seriously the easiest dinner known to man. You do NOTHING except for watch that bird sit in the oven.... yes you can buy a pre roasted chicken for like $6 or even $4 (I can't remember) at HEB or Costco, but at least if you do it yourself you can use all of the bird and you can control the flavor.

Beet and Black Bean Veggie Burger

This recipe was seriously so amazing. I found it on "The Kitchn" 's website. Give yourself a full day for making them though, because not only do you have to cook and cool the beets, the mixture has to sit in the refrigerator.

Lightroom Class - Week 3

I am seriously loving Nicole's Classes ( In my Lightroom 101 class this week we learned how to use the more advanced adjustment tools to help fine tune our photos. I'm loving Lightroom, I'm so glad I purchased it, it is such a great program for categorizing photos and editing them, definitely a great purchase even for beginning photographers like myself.

Kollin and I did a photoshoot in Texas bluebonnets and wild flowers, because I have some pictures from when I was his age in them as well. I decided not to put him directly in the flowers due to rattlesnakes hiding in the wildflowers here...that was a risk I was just not willing to take, but I think the pictures turned out just as great!) Here are the photos I submitted for my homework....

It was super dark and cloudy the day we took pictures so I brightened up the photos. Each of them used a specific adjustment filter tool. The first two pictures are my favorite!!
I used a graduated filter in this photo as well to help showcase where the light was coming from

Last week of Photography Class & Week 2 Lightroom

This is definitely my favorite picture from the weekend
My last week of photography class with Nicole's Classes ( was this past week and my final assignment was to work with lighting aids. Most professional photographers use diffusers and other lighting assistants, but since I'm just doing pictures for fun I didn't want to buy any of the special lighting equipment and just used a white poster board instead.

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