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Squirrel Repellent in the Garden

Lots of outdoor time the past two days. Pulled weeds in the garden yesterday only to realize the squirrels have once again gotten into some of our boxes.

Some of our garden (which you can read about what we did to prepare for spring boxes have netting over them that we already made, however as our berries are starting to bloom I thought I would show you how we made the netting to go over the boxes.

Off to Lowe's we go.

Yes, wood would have been much prettier and maybe that day will come, but using PVC was much easier, faster and cheaper. We used both 1/2 inch (for the stakes) and 1 inch (for the actual box) PVC pipe that you can get from Lowes and you just cut them down. Last year we used our saw, but this year since I was doing it, the PVC was super dirty and shreds flew EVERYWHERE with the saw so I actually found these awesome PVC pipe cutters that have a ratchet in them for easy handling.

Once the top of the box was cut, I used fasteners to hold them together and glued them with irrigation piping glue (super messy and super stinky, USE OUTSIDE ONLY).

It only takes a little while to dry, so while the top of the box was drying I cut the legs and the stakes for the sides of the box.

We used plastic netting, but be careful it can still cut you! I measure out the top first and attached using twist ties, then glued the four remaining pieces on for the sides.

Once dry, I placed the netted box over our garden box to measure out the stakes, and hammered in the stakes into the ground and placed the box over the stakes. Then I wrapped the netting around the 3/4 box. I cut and twist tied them on. Since the blueberry box ended up being taller than me and quite massive on the front of the box, I twist tied one side and just used regular string on the other to create a door of netting so I could get in and out of the box.

I think we will eventually spray paint the boxes black to help them blend in a little better, but my main concern for now was keeping the bitchy birds and squirrels away from my berries.

ALSO, I used a natural spray repellent. I used paprika, chili powder, cayenne, and crushed red pepper. Placed the spices in a coffee filter and used my tea kettle for hot water. I strained the water through the spices and placed in a spray bottle and sprayed the dirt where they have been digging. The spiciness should keep them out....hopefully. I only used these on the boxes in which we did not use the netting. They literally ate all of our berries last year, but stuff like our broccoli and herbs they just dig and don't really eat anything.

Here is an updated look at some of our fruits, veggies, and flowers. Everything has grown so much since my last garden post in February. I sprayed all of our veggies with an epsom salt bath to help give them a natural boost!

Lettuce Box
Lettuce Box Two

Blueberry blooms
More Blueberry Blooms
Another view 

Blackberry Bush

More garden roses
We nursed this lemon branch back together after it broke last year and that branch has lots of leaves and blooms now!
So many tomato blooms!
Berries are officially covered!

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