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Sequencing using the Yoga Deck

So, I bought these really cool yoga cards on Amazon called the Yoga Sequencing Deck (found here -->

I was coming up on teaching my third class and I wanted to focus on hips, glutes and hamstrings and I had a small sequence in mind but I felt like I needed maybe a push or even a visual of what my class would look like and this was awesome. Its a vinyasa based card set with over 100 poses including different variations on some poses.

I taught a "Journey into Power" class and used the cards to line it out to see what it would be like to create my own sequence for my class. Here is the Journey Into Power Sequence using the cards.... (please excuse the dog hair on the floor)

Each pose has two cards (one for right and left side) then there are a bunch of "flow" cards and Sun A and B cards along with Half Sun cards and lastly 2 "wild" cards. So, this was the class I was going to teach and wrote the flow down in my notes and adjusted in class due to timing and such from there.

So when I sat down to create my class, my intention for this was to get "lost in our yoga like we get lost in our music, to just do it and not think about it." You know how you just sing a song, and you are like how did I even know that, thats what I wanted to create with my flow. Wanting to focus on hips, hamstrings and glutes, I had a small sequence already in mind that I needed to expand upon. I wanted to go from twisted chair to revolved extended foot to big toe pose, then into warrior 3....and I just built my class from there. As I laid out the cards I decided it would be fun to do add in a lunge into pistol squat but slow it down and do it at the beginning to help warm up and open up at the same time, so then it became Anjaneyasana into one legged chair and then standing hand to knee pose and back down into anjaneyasana. 

There were some poses I added like humble warrior and I just kinda put down a card that was similar in thought for what the asana was...such as there isn't a revolved Extended foot to big toe pose, so I just put down the regular one. Or just added a "wild" card.

This was my first flow layout... 

Having some of the cards be vertical were just little notes to be to repeat for right and left side and I tried to end each row with a flow so I knew the next line was a beginning of a new flow. 

I have a dance background so if I didn't like something visually I would try it out, and usually I didn't like the way it felt or I felt like that wasn't the right time for that particular pose.

So, I did two more edits...

My "final" flow....

It was so cool to see everything visually laid out in front of me. And I wrote down all my notes. Come class time with timing and such some things were changed because I was feeling a different pose at the time, a different pose would have worked better, or we just didn't have time. 

What is my review of the Yoga Deck? It is pretty cool. I don't think its a tool you can only rely on for sequencing, I think if you can't think of a class or a sequence you need to get back on your mat and find some more inspiration. The yoga deck for me is just a fun way to see everything and then try it out using my body or vise versa. I could try something physically and see how it looked in the deck. I'm such a visual learner that it was just helpful for me to see the flow first. Plus it showed me different options and I don't want to be stuck focused on the same poses over and over again that I am comfortable with. It was just a nice little reminder of "Hey, don't forget about this pose". 

As a new teacher (who has taught group fitness before) I still practice taught myself this class 4 to 5 times before actually teaching it. I think the main goal is to focus on what you want your students to learn from their yoga class first and then sequence second. 

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