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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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Photography Class - Week one

So, I have decided, since I have to take some time off of yoga due to my shoulder injury, I am taking an online photography class. I will be posting my pics here in my blog.

I am taking a class from Nicole's Classes ( called Photography 101. I wanted to get more comfortable with using my manual mode on my camera. I also purchased Lightroom, and I will probably take that class next! Super excited to have mega awesome photos of Kollin and me doing yoga. HA

SO.... for our first homework assignment we have to do a few pictures that focus on each main category of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. We also have to do a creative shooting segment.

Aperture - I used Kollin playing with Legos (The top two photos are my photos that I submitted for homework, the bottom two are my next two favorites.

Next Shutter Speed - We had to take two pictures that stop or create motion with a moving object. I mean a toddler is the perfect muse for this section! These are my favorite out of the bunch, but first two photos are the ones I submitted for my homework. 

ISO - Starting with my ISO at 100, then adjusting settings to ISO 400, the last picture is a picture taken next to a window inside and adjusting ISO and all other settings accordingly

ISO 100

ISO 400
Inside ISO shot

Finally - the last portion of our homework was to do some creative shooting for "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF....." obviously I chose K.

Eating and playing

Getting a new big bed today

Sad his old bed is leaving
Happy again

Dreaming of going outside

Worked in the garden and learning to use the leaf blower

Sad - the leaf blower died

Helping mommy cook lunch

sneaked a sucker in
Getting tired at dinner

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