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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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The Elephant Quilt

My friend asked me to make some custom bedding for her daughter's room, and they were doing an elephant theme.

As most know, I normally think a little out of the box, and I wanted to do more than just elephant fabric. I was going to make an actual elephant quilt. 

I did what normal people do and search the internet for a cool elephant picture that I can be inspired by and holy smokes aren't they awesome.

The watercolor elephant on the far left was definitely my favorite. 
So I drew and drew...and erased and erased. And finally, came up with a design to scale of the quilt.

If anyone has tried quilting or knows anything about making a quilt its all mathematics and perfect sewing and cuts. YIKES. I don't think people realize the amount of time these things take to make.

Although, no matter what I make it always still amazes me that pile of fabric turns into something amazing. 

Just a little bit about the quilt, I obviously cut out all the squares and then sewed each little square together. They are 5 by 5 inches each (some are 10 x 5, and even 15 x 5...but those are very few). Most of the colored squares were cut in half and then sewn back together with two different colored halves to make one whole square. This guy in total is about 86 x 68 or something like that. So lots of squares were used.

I used my inspiration and placed colored squares on the parts of the elephant that I wanted to stand out  -> Head, ears, trunk, belly, legs and tail. I sewed all of the grey and colored pieces together first.

Then I went back and added the black border to help outline the shape of the elephant and give her some definition.

After that I sewed the white squares on to make it a rectangle.

Then added the black border, I realized at this point I needed a few more inches on each side and decided. This actually worked out perfect because I had the most perfect accent fabric for the sides.

Here is a backside of the front of the quilt to show all the sewing. WHEW. 

Before sewing the backing on, I quilted the colored squares that I made to the quilt insert so that the front of the quilt had a little bit different quilting than the back and so the colors could stand out even more.

After that I added the backing and quilted using black thread to extend the outline of the elephant.

Lastly, I made homemade binding and machine sewed the binding on to finish off the quilt.

I also made two pillow shams with super cute elephant accent fabric and a small pillow with the same accent fabric.

All in all I think this took me about 24+ hours to do in total. Obviously not all at one time, but over several months. My poor friend has been waiting a long time for this guy. Its no where near perfect, and I am not a seamstress or professional quilter by any means, but I feel like I can make a pretty cute quilt when needed. The seams might not line up exactly and my lines might not be exactly straight, but the quilt is one of a kind and made with love and thats all that really matters right.

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