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Spring Garden 2015


Woah, I am just overly excited. But seriously, according to the Farmer's Almanac if you are in the Southern region, its time to start working in your garden.

It was beautiful out there today. It got hot after working for a while :)

I try and always go by the Almanac. It predicts based on the moon's cycle. So...if you aren't really into your Zodiac, you might not be into this, which is cool. No judging here. BUT, I will say I come from a farming family and they all use the Almanac, and we used it last year for our garden. I have also used the Almanac for weaning and potty training and it hasn't steered me wrong yet.

Back to my garden, we did a lot of updating this year, based on stuff that didn't work last year. You can see last year's beautiful garden here it also has some standard before and after pictures.  Our garden last year was GORGEOUS, everything bloomed and was doing so well, then these things called birds happened. Seriously, they ate everything and destroyed our garden. No more lemons or berries of any kind. If anyone has any tips for keeping those bitchy birds out of our garden that would be grand. 

We replanted one of our tomato plants, because our tomato plants went all rogue. 

Pruned our blackberry bushes, blueberry bushes and grapes.

Blackberries should be cut way back, Leaving just short branches about 12 inches long. 

We are on year two of grapes, so when pruning leave the main stem and cut the others back. 

Blueberry buds. 

When pruning blueberries, cut the dead and any low hanging branches after the first year. 

Replanted all of our lettuce due to overwatering.

We also switched up some herbs, because I don't think they liked the spots they were in.

Finally, we replanted our strawberries, because they just didn't seem to like each other in the basket. I think we planted two different kinds together and clearly they have some sort of segregation issues. 

Our broccoli is doing awesome, it produces year round and has gotten HUGE! 

We are trying onions again, they didn't work great last time, but hey maybe this year will be different.

 I also updated our marigolds once again to help with insects. 

Lastly, here are some cool flowers that are blooming in our Hummingbird/ Butterfly garden behind our pool. 

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