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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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Tile Update - Entry, Powder Room and Fireplace


Before I show you the Before and After Pictures lets discuss the BEFORE BEFORE pictures. We've done a TON of work to our house since we purchased it a year and half ago and we still have lots to go, but I have included some AWESOME throwbacks from when our house was on the market :) lovely right....

Lets start with The Entry Way!!!

BEFORE words

After painting and changing some serious decor this is now the new before:

my lighting is terrible, but you get bonus sleeping Corgi :)

This tile is called "Africa Dark"

The Fireplace

Unfortunately I don't have a "Fireplace picture" But from this Before Before I am sure you can only imagine what it looked like 

YIIIKES the next before: 

And the After: 

This picture is without the trim painted yet. 

Trim painted, this tile has a honed finish which I love

The Half Bath

The original Before Before is a mega big YIKES: you can see the original transformation here

I mean....uh....... anyway and the next Before: 

The after REALLY lightened the room up. We used the same color as we did on the fireplace but this time its a textured tile. 

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