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OH SH*T - No More Crib

Well today is the day folks, since we are officially in full potty training mode and no more pull-ups except for napping and night time, it was time. I told Kollin once he was potty trained he got to move up to a "big boy" bed.

Before everyone gets all mom judgy on me, Kollin never tried to actually climb out of his crib, he has always been very happy there. Yeah, he is 3, but the only time he ever tried was when he was super mad and he would swing his long leg over and would always stop right there.
(Photo by Laura Watson Photography)

Anyway, let me remind you of what his room looked like when we purchased our house, but seriously are you ready?!?!

I have no words...none. You can see the full transformation of his room here:

Here are some pictures we had taken at our last family session of Kollin playing in his room. 
Photo by Laura Watson Photography
Photo by Laura Watson Photography

I can't say I'm overall "happy" with his crib in general. I wish we would have purchased a cheaper one, because holy teeth destruction. OR I wish I would have taken those teething crib covers seriously. 

Straight up gerbil status. Crazy kid.

Anyway here are the up to date pics of his new "toddler" bed. Not a complete transformation to big boy bed, but enough for mom and dad now. I see a lot of sleepless nights in our future. 

Plus you can still see the chunks of crib missing from his teeth, so thats kinda cool still. 


He is really so excited, up and down and up and down. I see lots more of that in my future. 

Its also a perfect reading spot now!!! 

Should we wager on how long it will take before Maddie starts cuddling up with Kollin at night....I say not long at all. 

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