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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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DIY Anthropologie Curtains

I'm in the process of redoing our guest bedroom because we changed some rooms around upstairs. The new theme is antique modern. I have a lot of old lace and doilies from my grandmothers that my mom gave me and I am going to frame them and hang them up, but I wanted some fun curtains that can go with the new room.

OF COURSE, I found the most amazing curtains at Anthropologie
Amazing right...I know, and at $198 per panel (I need 4) I didn't think the hubby would go for it since its the guest room.

So, I decided to just DIY them. Originally I was going to make my own panels, but HELLO IKEA! Thanks for these. ( BOOM. Plain white curtains, 2 panels for $24.99. All I had to do to these was hem them. 
 First I purchased some of the doily/lace fabric at JoAnns (that I got for 50% off), however the only had enough fabric for me to just do the outsides of the curtains. This cost me ($30)

Then, I bought some spray paint and ombre sprayed them and let them dry. 

I sewed them to the side and Viola.......

Grandmother's Lace
Curtains with Grandmothers Lace Runner 

(I'm not sure why my pics are so blurry....big bummer)

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