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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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Updated Garden Pics - Erin's Garden

The garden has made some SERIOUS progress!!!

Quick background: When we purchased our home there was an area with a fire pit that used to be a swing set area. Since it already was full of rocks and marked I thought it would be a good idea to turn it into a garden.... don't worried the other side of the pool has a large yard. 


We started building raised bed planters, which were very easy! Then planted a few things we already had.

Then by late summer/ fall we filled the garden.....

The only thing that made it through winter was the broccoli and blackberry plants. The first go round was a lot of figuring out proper watering and feedings and so on. We ended up having our sprinkler guy add in some extra heads for the garden and position them correctly. 

This time around we followed the farmers almanac ( for correct planting times. Many of the seedlings that we started didn't make it due to late frosting we weren't expecting. But, now that the weather has leveled out it seems like the garden has really taken off.

I've also used this cookbook: Kitchen Garden - links below....

Its a very helpful tool on how to care for the veggies along with recipes for them!

Lastly I found a GREAT nursery that actually knows what they are talking about and is very reasonably priced. (

Since its finally spring and things are starting to bloom, if something doesn't work, we just rip it out and start over with something else. 

Side note: Marigolds are a natural insect repellent and the insects will head toward the marigolds instead of your plants. I saw 5 caterpillars today, so I'm really hoping they move away from my lettuce. I have done some research and you can plant them inside your beds, but I just kept them on the outside for now. Also, I added some hibiscus for color and because you can use the flowers to make tea, jam, and for a natural food coloring. 

Far left Row Starting with the back: Compost Bin, Back Box - Carrots and beets, Front Box - Onions, container - herbs
Next Row: Back - Fig Tree, back box - tomatoes, container - hibiscus, Front box - broccoli and green peppers, container - hibiscus
Second Row from right: Back Box - Grapes and colored peppers, back container - Strawberries, Middle box - Blueberries, First container - herbs, Front Box: Blackberries
Far Right Row: Lemon Tree, Back box: Lettuces, front box: lettuces and cabbage

We added the covers on the boxes because the squirrels and birds were eating our seedlings. 

Marigolds were added to the garden as of today to help with insects. 

Lemon tree in bloom

Grapes on their trellis 

First strawberry bloom 

First blueberry 

More blueberries


Hibiscus flower in bloom

Caterpillar on the Marigold 

Fig Tree


Maddie getting her tan on. 

You can see the compost bin in the back left of the picture.  
We purchase so many vegetables at the grocery store, so I'm hoping to not only make us healthier but have us save some money :) .... not to mention its so much fun just walking out to the garden to grab something and head back into the kitchen and use it right away. 

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