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DIY - Reupholstered Chaise

I would like to start by saying this project really wasn't that hard, it was time consuming and took something thinking but I feel like anyone could have done this. Its just a matter of learning what to do and where to use what. But my best advice is just follow the pattern of how you take the furniture apart then put it back together and take lots of pictures.

One of my friends said her in-laws were getting rid of a chaise chair and she wanted to know if I wanted it to maybe redo it. I have done a few small chairs where you spray paint and you are done and I have upholstered an ottoman, but never something this size. (You can check out my DIY ottoman here ---> )

BUT OF COURSE I accepted this challenge. I bought this for $30. It is actually in pretty great shape and really I just don't like the styling of it.

I took LOTS AND LOTS of pictures of it, that way when I took it apart I knew exactly how to put it back together. 

I wanted something funky and modern but that would easily go with our decor. Kyle's office needs redecorating BADLY and I figured this is a great way to jump start the process. (So stay on the lookout for a post about that room!) Here is my inspiration....

The chair was actually three pieces. I started working on the middle square piece which is the portion you actually sit on.

I ripped all of the staples that were attached to the fabric out using a flat head screw driver and pliers and there was about 50,000 of them from all pieces. 

I laid each portion of fabric out so I could measure and use these as my pattern on my new fabric. As you can see on this particular piece there are lots and lots of darts, so I also had to measure for all of the darts. 

I marked each dart and sewed accordingly. 

Next thing for this section were the upholstery buttons. I wanted to use as much of the original chair as I could because I knew each thing worked correctly but also to save some money. 

Prying the old fabric off of the buttons was nearly impossible let alone put the new fabric back on, so I hot glued the new fabric on each button. 

Then according to my measurements attach the fabric and foam using the buttons. I did reuse the old foam since they already were all properly measured and had the correct holes. I did add new foam underneath for extra support. 

You can see where the darts are here.

I should have started in the very middle were there were no darts but buttons, however I started with the dart portion and it left my fabric in the end kinda bunchy. 

You can see the back of the foam here where everything attaches together

The next piece was the back. It was very simple. Take off all the staples, use the fabric as a pattern, sew it together and staple it back on. 

This last arch piece was the most challenging, but still really not that hard. I ripped off all of the fabric and I once again tried to save as much of the insides as possible, including the cardboard and tack-strips. 

As you can see there is cardboard on the bottom and a velcro area so you can get to the bolt on the left side. On the right side of this back piece is where the tack strip is. As you see there is cardboard across the top of the middle section, I did purchase new cardboard for that small piece.

Once again you follow the pattern, this section also had 4 darts and 4 buttons. I attached everything back together just like how all the pictures I took shown. I did have a few small mishaps. I was originally using an air pressurized staple gun throughout this process and it jammed so I had to switch to a hand one. ALSO, I ended up cutting this fabric on a mirror and so then it was put on incorrectly and my buttons don't quite measure and fit like the original, and I ended up having to use a scrap piece at the bottom. 

After each piece was finished I bolted them back together and viola. A new amazing chair.

In total I spent about $30 on the chair, $65 on the fabric, and a miscellaneous $40 for foam and new cardboard and staples. If I wouldn't have reused so much other stuff I would have spent an additional $250. 


(on a side note the pillow and rug were also a DIY)

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