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DIY Jewelry Shelves

So, I got from a family member one of those SUPER nice jewelry armoires that are free standing. Which was awesome, because those bad boys run anywhere from $200 to $500 on Amazon. I had it for a few years and it was great, because I could hoard some serious jewelry in it, especially when I worked for Charming Charlie.

I mean we are talking serious storage room. And every compartment you could dream of!

....and then one day this happened. My Toddler took it straight to the face, on Christmas Eve no less.

We are talking dented forehead, black eye, fat lip and other random bruising. LUCKILY it didn't fall on top of him. I never thought it would happen... those things are SUPER SUPER heavy, seriously it took two people to move it. 

POOR GUY, so, obviously I had to do something. No more armoire, time for a built in closet jewelry display.

I forgot to take a before picture, but there was a tall 13 inch gap between where the door is and where my closet shelving actually starts, so I thought it would be a perfect spot. We are eventually going to do a massive closet overhaul but until then this would have to work.

We went to Lowes and purchased shelving wood and cut everything according to our measurements. We purchase 6 foot boards, and I made a single unit with 5 shelves. Two shelves are 1.5 feet and the others are 1 foot.  

Anyone can do this project, but you do need the right tools, including:
  • Table Saw
  • Clamps
  • Nail Gun
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Screws
  • Anchors (or Mollys whatever you call them)
  • Level
  • Wood Filler
  • Sander
  • Caulking

First: you need to make sure you finalize all of your measurements and cut all boards necessary!

Next starting with the top and bottom pieces. LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL, then glue the sides to each other. Clamp and use your nail gun. You will want a few clamps so you can work on a few pieces at a time. Our boards were a little warped so after we did the ends we focused on the more uneven sections.

Once your boards are fully set, remove the clamps and finish nailing where needed. We also added a small board under the first shelf and larger shelves then again on the bottom for easy wall installation. Those were also glued, clamped an nailed along the sides and top.

You can either use your wood filler here or you can wait until you mount your shelves, but remember you have to sand, so it just depends on where you want to clean up after you use your sander. 

For wall installation, we measured where we wanted the shelves to go. LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL AGAIN. Mark where needed. We predrilled each back bar with a drill bit to mark where the anchor needed to be. After, we installed each anchor. Two for each piece (if you hit a stud you do not need an anchor, since this was such skinny piece no studs were hit). Put your unit back up and use the wood screws to attach the unit to the anchors. And viola its up and not going anywhere.

To make this a little prettier we caulked all of the edges that attached at the wall and used our trim paint for the shelf. Unfortunately this is new trim paint and our closet wasn't painted during the main update....but it will get a redo soon enough.

I used jewelry displays I purchased at JoAnn's Fabrics with a ton of coupons so I got them pretty cheap. However, you can find them on Amazon also (links below)

Amazon has many to choose from, I was just limited on size. 

The best part about this project was going through and throwing lots and lots of old jewelry away!!!!

I thought the best way to organize would be to start on the bottom shelf with watches. Those are my son's favorite thing to play with and work my way up to things I don't want him to mess with. I did run out of room for extra small necklaces so I used small picture hooks that screw into the wall and mounted those in the bottom large box along the wall. 

Full view

This is the top portion of the shelves.

Lower portion. 

Starting with the bottom working my way is the up close view of each shelf. 

Bottom shelf - Watches

Next, hanging necklaces. 

Full view

Hooks with hanging necklaces (Also this is one of the bars that is mounted to the wall)
Smaller jewels

This is one of two of the 1.5 feet openings

Middle Shelf

These are my go to wear all the time favorite jewelry pieces. They are smack dab in the middle of the shelving unit for super easy access to wear.

Next shelf up:

Larger Jewels and some perfume. I would really like to find a small mirror to hang behind this shelf (this is second of the 1.5 feet openings)
First top shelf - Bracelets and earrings

And Lastly the top of the shelving unit. 

Costume Jewelry 

This was a fun project, it took a while but it is well worth it. Every piece of jewelry (except earrings) is seen and nothing will get lost. Plus, it will be easy to not hoard a bunch of jewelry anymore and help me keep everything organized. The goal is to make this simple and have my jewelry displayed.

P.S. If anyone finds any small mirrors I can either stick on or hang let me know!!!

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