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DIY Camera Strap Cover - Sewing required

I was gifted a new camera for Christmas (by the way I have completely overloaded my computer with pictures and now I have to get an external hard drive WHOOPSIES).

I wanted to make a few camera strap covers just for fun, AND I ordered a super cute one from Etsy. Hers are actual straps and not just covers, you can find them here:

Anyway, basically you need:
1/4 yd each of material, lining and interfacing
Matching thread
Iron and Ironing board

I made a few different camera straps so I just used a few pictures of each so that is why you see the change of materials.

First: Cut your materials in strips (you can decide on size, I started small then decided when I had finished my strap it was a little skinny so I made my second larger)

I made the second strap about 4.5 inches wide each and you can make the length based on the strap of your camera, but you need two strips of the main material, two strips of lining and two strips for the interfacing.


Second: you then iron on your interfacing to the inside of the lining. As you can see I used flannel on one strap and some sequins on the other which is why I added the interfacing to the lining. Be careful when ironing because there are two different sides which you can see here, but you will definitely feel the difference.

Bumpy side = iron side down
Soft side up

After you have ironed your interfacing if you have a serger you can then serge your lining and main material together. Make sure you iron inside to inside. If you don't have a serger you can just sew them together.

Now you have two main strips. Hem each strip on the sides.

Then serge or sew together.

Then turn inside out and iron. I added some reinforcement 3/8" stitching along the edges. You can add as much as you want from here. This was the first one I made that was a little small, but on my second one I added a blue bow.

Thread them through your strap and there you go!

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