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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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A Place for the Toddler Art

So, I needed a place to showcase Kollin's artwork other than my refrigerator. Okay....maybe there are a few pictures on there, however I wanted a place to show off Instagram pics and his art and be able to interchange everything as life goes on.

Luckily I had some major blank wall space in our living room that we refinished.

(You can check out the before and after of the living room here: )

I always loved the modern white frames and a full wall of them such as:

Here is an example of what I was thinking....and if you have no idea how to hang stuff up you can check out her blog

And viola, 9 white frames from IKEA all new mats and there you have it. I used all new mats because I needed them to be all different sizes. The IKEA frames come with their own, but they are an odd size. I actually had to cut them down to fit because they aren't standard frame sizes.

I also decided to space my frames further apart than normal, because the wall is so massive I wanted them to fill the space more.

On some of the mats I actually layered them so that when I change out the picture I can adjust sizing as needed.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and I'm excited I can just swap out a picture as needed. Especially for any season things, I don't necessarily have to hang up something completely different I can just switch the picture!

PS Sorry my pics are a little dark, I'm still figuring out my new camera!

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