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DIY Toddler Thankful Tree

I decided to do a fun craft with Kollin this year for Thanksgiving. Let's be honest he has no idea whats going on, only that painting is fun! So thats what we did!

(Note: I would have REALLY liked to use an actual tree branch for this, however the rain kinda put a "damper" on my idea....right not funny I know, but seriously wanted a tree branch)

We started with some leaf coloring book pictures I downloaded online for free, printed them out and let Kollin do his thing, he really enjoys painting his hand and seeing his hand prints so half of the leaves are Kollin's hand prints. After that we let let them dry.

We talked about what we are thankful for as best we could, but I just basically wrote things he /we are thankful for or his favorite 30 things for now.
Handprint Pro (okay I helped with this one)

I used this black sparkly tree left over from Halloween, punched holes and used twine to hang the leaves on the tree.

And viola, easy peasy little fun toddler DIY for November!

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