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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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DIY Bar Update

I had a GREAT idea to update our bar area. It is separate from our kitchen area so I figured it would be easy and if I completely screwed it up, we can fix it when we update our kitchen.

The Before (standard white cabinets, lots of wallpaper, and no backsplash....super boring):

peeling wallpaper

I ripped all the wall paper and boarders off. Floated the walls (filled in all the holes or damages from wall paper and made the walls a new smooth surface).  This process is super messy from all the sanding and goop. 

wall paper removal 
I also texturized the walls using a roll on texture I purchased at Lowes. It was actually super easy, You fill a 5 gallon bucket with some water and add the powder (wear gloves and a mask!!) then use a stirrer that attaches to a drill and roll on using texturizing roller. 

added texture
Finally, I painted all the trim, walls and cabinets using left over paint that our painters used throughout the rest of our house. I didn't want to add tile backsplash yet since we haven't started on our kitchen, so I thought it would be cool to just paint on a back splash. I decided to do a herringbone pattern. I did an "ombre" effect using the same colors as I used for the trim and cabinet. 

Taping for herringbone design
I updated all of the hardware and added battery powered under cabinet LED lights (they were $20 at Lowes) and they stick on and connect via magnet so they will be great for a quick flash light use also! On the opposite wall of the bar, I added a chalkboard wall for quick fun notes. (Note: I haven't tried to erase my chalk marker that I used who knows if I will have to repaint my chalk wall and use only regular chalk)

The after:

herringbone backsplash 

chalkboard wall 

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