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Monthly Intention
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Monthly Obsession
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Kollin's New Room

This was K's original room in the old house, typical baby planes, trains and tractor theme (a lot of stuff from Pottery Barn Kids)
Kollin's Original Baby Room in our old house

I wanted to show off my hard work and Kollin's room. Plus there are some pretty amazing things in here....but that's my opinion right.

First things first... The before:
I mean WOW, this was taken from when the house was listed. AND that is all purple wall paper. 
Wall Paper removal
Painting Begins
The process: removal of wallpaper, re-paint and re-carpet then insert cool toddler things
The After: a transformation of trains, graffiti and a little history of Kollin's heritage 

The first section... My favorite things 1) actual train graffiti (photos courtesy of my mom), 2) the train lamp with cool lights, 3) Kollin's custom painted TOMS. Things I DIYed/ refinished. The bookshelf and horse 
Graffiti Prints by my Mom
The Second Section: Original crib and letters from his first room, I spray painted the letters to match his theme. My favorite thing, other than of course that cute little thing in the crib (not Raffs the stuffed giraffe either) would have to be the IKEA rug and his new sheets 
Sheets by Candy Kirby Designs

The third Section: The window treatments and changing pad cover. Both were made by ME!! Not only sewed, but the fabric for the windows was designed by ME!! And of course a little dream catcher in the window, because it is said they catch any harm that might be in the air as a spider's web catches and holds whatever comes in contact with it
The Last Section: is a small little wall that has some pretty amazing things 1) a cool train pic that is once again a piece from my mom, 2) the original doll stroller that was my moms that I used to play with as a kid (yes, Kollin is a boy...BUT it's a pretty cool toy), and 3) that's Kyle's Big Teddy that he carried around forever (which is totally going to be the same as Kollin and Raffs) 

I have one more thing I'm working on for Kollin's room, and hopefully it will be finished soon. Stay tuned for that and other finished house stuff!!!

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