Monthly Intention

Monthly Intention
My Whole30 Committment

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Monthly Obsession

Monthly Obsession
December's Monthly Intention


My latest cupcake baking craziness was for a breast cancer group called "Cindy's Pink Ninjas." (  The group is founded by my aunt who is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She wanted me to be inspired by her Ninja ways and bake some cupcakes for her.

So I did just that, plus I threw in some sugar cookies.

My cupcakes ranged from Vanilla, Chocolate with fresh Raspberry or Strawberry filling, "Pink" Velvet, and then I created a Rootbeer Float (which were totally amazing).

I used her colors which include obviously pink, but white and black and soft pink as well.

My signature cupcake wasn't the rootbeer float that got all the praise, but it was my hidden pink ribbon technique on the vanilla that was the show stopper.

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