Monthly Intention

Monthly Intention
My Whole30 Committment

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Monthly Obsession

Monthly Obsession
December's Monthly Intention


The London Playroom Update

It's been literally almost one month since my last post and life has gotten insanely busy. I've been working on updating our playroom painting the little playhouse and getting it all cute! 

Thanksgiving Photo Editing

Since its Cyber Monday, I'd thought I would share my biggest inspiration for photography and her sale! 

My brother and sister in law have this friend named Twyla Jones, she picked up a camera a few years back and has become one of the most amazing emotional photographers I have ever seen, and I've had a mega creative crush on her ever since.

She started photographing her family and friends, including my niece and nephew. She moved to Florida and has grown her online business. I've done a few classes with her and chatted with her and she has one of the most creative minds I have met. 

Needless to say when she came out with her own presets, I purchased them, not only because I wanted to support her but because I loved them. She just released her second set of presets and they are AMAZING! All of my photographs have been edited using her *Volume 2 presets.

Before & After

Presets are awesome for beginners and photography novices because they can really cut down on the editing process, especially if you take a lot of pictures.

Bee Harmony - Honey, you need this in your pantry.

Y'ALL this honey! I was sent a sample of this new honey to try, and I am blown away. Our family are honey addicts. I swear my kid has a sore throat for weeks just to get that spoon full of honey every morning.

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